UK- Audatex to Raise Paint Material Rate by 6 Percent

Audatex UK announced that, having now completed industry paint price reviews, the company will be making an upward adjustment to its paint price tables.

The impact of the detailed data supplied by the paint companies has resulted in an average increase of 6.26 percent on the calculated paint and materials. These calculations are based upon updated paint material tables which represent the basket of paint brands used in the Audatex system and take into account the market share of the brands within the overall basket.

Paint company/brand

Market share*


18 percent


10 percent


7 percent

Spies Hecker

6 percent


5 percent
Akzo Nobel


14 percent


12 percent


4 percent

Changes will be made for Akzo Nobel, BASF, DPC and PPG effective Feb 11, 2013 for online users. Offline users will receive the new prices as of the D4.13 data release.

Audatex notes that the percentage increase is for guidance purposes only, as the actual increase, per job, will depend on a number of factors including the specific paint operations (e.g. new part, surface, repair), paint type and the surface to be prepared/painted (e.g. metal vs. plastic).

by: CollisionWeek

Nissan Debuts Efficient New Smyrna Paint Plant

The plant will use an innovative three-wet paint process that applies all three paint layers in succession, before the vehicle goes into the oven. Nissan’s previous process required the vehicle to bake in between the primer application and the topcoat layers. Implementation of this new technology reduces energy consumption, cost and emissions while increasing production efficiency.

Nissan Debuts Efficient New Smyrna Paint Plant

The state-of-the-art facility is capable of reducing energy consumption by 30 percent, carbon emissions by 30 percent and volatile organic compound (VOCs) emissions by 70 percent.

The 250,000 square-foot footprint plant is located adjacent to Nissan’s existing vehicle assembly plant in Tennessee and replaces Nissan’s previous paint system that has been in service for nearly 30 years.

by Nissan News: